Herb Lawrence Went to for what North called "A Better Job?"  ...working for me is a better job than Career Builder!
Julie Swieca Stood up for herself and got kicked out the door, welcome to the Score!
Abby Polonsky Murphs first producer - Reaching into her old drawers still
Kimberley "i wish i was a goin' wheres she's" Agoin North producer/intern/agree-er
Big Al Lerner Big Al's Sunday Church Service 
Steve Grad The Original update guy (Don't remember him though)
Dave Shimkus* Update guy? Mid 90' to live in Florida? Could it be Bartman assuming Shimkus?
Jessie Rogers But you say "I still hear him". Yes, you hear him only during the Blackhawks Infomercial and hopefully that is all forever, this he is on the level on the chick that asks you if you are sick of the "Cold Shoulder"
Tom Shaer First to leave. Never liked him anyways.
Tommy Williams Wasn't a fan, but some of you are. They should have kept him, hate the FOX overnight crap1
Jimmy Memolo One of the better guys they had. Another they should have kept.
Judd Sirott* Former producer guy- Now Play by Play Guy of the Wolves.
Mike Greenberg ESPN guy now. Mike & Mike. also TV guy.
Dan Azzaro* Overnight Annoyance! Regular guy, just too regular.
Al Simora I know his name is Mike, but they called him Al for so long.
Dan Jiggetts* Original guy. Bad call by management.
Dan McNeil Another Score Original. Loud Mouth, Opinionated Blow Hard. That's Sports Radio Though.
Norm Van Lier Was good for 1 hour a week. Not a full show.
Jerry Riles Former producer. Seemed to be a good guy. Talked to him a couple of times. Actually listened. (Rare Score Quality)
Spaceball* Done and gone. Former Score Sales Manager and Fantasy Football Guru (Self Proclaimed)
Ron Gleason Original Score Top Guy - Inflexible to the point of his demise.
Matt Fishman If none of the changes are his fault- What did he do there?
John "Shaky" Siuntres A solid addition to the Score. See what happens when you cross Mikey North...'He's gone!"
Joe Cain Wouldn't have been the worst third guy in a team during football.
Keith Jennings Came close to talking about other things- but not close enough.
Cliff Levingston Score basketball expert - Just another in a long line of Jocks with nothing to say, hired by some Jock sniffer.
Doug Warnicki Weekend Producer constanly passed over for regular spots by less qualified people. Landed on his feet at WGN producing the "Three Bears" this football season
PETER ("Pee-yow!") SHAPIRO the diminutive "Double Dees" executive producer and Cincinnati Bengals fan who had a "stoner" rep.  Dunno why they canned him.
TIM ("Monty") MONTEMAYOR,* spent a total of perhaps two months producing the ultimate demise of the Jiggs and Doug show in the summer of 2002...
Les Grobstein* Although you can say he has been at almost every station around.
Producers Jerry Riles, Kevin Freedman, Christina Kipp, Joe Flood,Jeff Dickerson
Coach and The Kid Somehow related to the founder of the Score. Now on WSBC-1240 AM?
Tom Webb Shaer Partner from a long time ago
Anne Maxfield Wells Could not wait to post this one! Should have been gone from week 1!
Jonathan "J" Hood Dug his own grave but should still be there hosting White Sox stuff!
Jim Memelo Solid good score guy, moved on to WGN wasteland of controlled sports talk
Mike North Original, huge mistake on both ends
Cy Strezzo Former Murph prodocuer

Tell me who I missed!


*Have 'Checked In"