ALL TIME SCOREHEDZ LIST! No need to say anything special...even creative names, but I just figure the guys who supported this station should get a little "PUB"...As always, feel free to let me know who to add, as I am sure I missed them. All Listed in no Particular Order. As long as I've heard of you, you're on the list!


Last Updated June 30, 2008

3 Putt Gene Patio Steve Garage Door Bob Alloy Mike
Unicaller Wild Bill Cheesehead Scott Rafael from Berwyn
Stan from Bellwood Cleveland Mike Jessica Simpsons Panties Phil Lucket's Hearing Aid
OB's Large Shoe Reverend Watkins Cory Royko's Feet
The Ass Battler Major Suckage "F" Bomb LeBron James Hummer
Double Hung Pete Reggie Dunlop's Leaisure Suit Bitchiro Gearhead Boy
Wannystache Backfat North Side George Bloated Liver
The Chosen One Fritzy's Life Partner Shmootizie Bonnie Bernstein's 3rd hole
Stew Gird Iron Assassion Slumlord (me) Whitley from Ravenswood
Thorogood Crusty Bunker Northbrook Bob Southside Bob
Govt. Fromage Monty in Springfeild Myron (from under his desk) Mean Dean
Raider Boy Geno Hooked on Buffonics Bob Hyden Retired Mailman Cubby Chubby
The Worm Bill (It's a black thing!) Glove Save Beer Brat
Pyramid Scheme Mark Graces Cigarette Jalen From Rosemont Dave from Winfield
Danzie Dolphin Jim (Good Dolphin) Saluki Jack Linus from Brighton Park
Steph from Park Ridge Uncle Milties Dead Wang Doug Buffones Nipple Ring Maddux Boy
Marty in HP Laker(fill in your name) Trevor from Rockford Bagel Guy
Neil from Northlake Rusty from Stickney Caller Anne Len from Niles
Mexicoach Kenny Owens from LaGrange Park Young Sam That 22nd St. guy
Gary from Streamwood Michigan Matt Ali from Wilmette Mike from Wilmette
Eric from his Car (MANCOW) Cocopuff Bittersweet Jeff Larry Horse's Vet
Riles from Bloomington Gridley Bucktown Brawler RAYYYYY!
Hank in Wrigleyville Ming Rocko Computer Boy Tom
El Crap Quistador Big Cellular Daddy Francis Ford Crapola Don Quijote
Southside Ron Formula One Boy Cranky Dave Reality Tom
Blade Runner Bongo Barry Irish Bill Naveed the Paki Cabdriver
Cash Flow Al The Cynic Lonesome George Ben from Naperville
Sheepskin Carl Shaft 7:05 Joe Cashflow Joe
Dusty's Toothpick Thug Passion Black Flag JT
Black Talon Mokena Flash Italian Scallion Disgruntled Goat
Matt A Rum and Cola Jock Itch Mitch Craig from Tinley Park Mad Trucker
Flipside mike Park Ridge Craig Muffley in Russelwood Slapshot Ed
Cheesehead Scott Mason from Hyde Park Wildcat Scott Westside Bobby
Pete from Libertyville Meatball 33 Chitown Steve RodeoVann
Mud Bone Half Pint Evil Dude Raider Boy
Racountur Pluto Crazyfingers Plainfield Dave
Stonecutter Steve Stones Cigar Butt Southside Cynic Psycho
Tinky Winky Bill Walton's Buck Teeth Steve O Oak Park Vandy
Dyer Mike D. Tony from Tinley Park Louie Bagalla Tommy Boy
Paco De Roselle Gary from Evanston Big Face Bentley Outnumbered
Chuck Berrys Piss pal Cubs Freak Northside Pimp Rusty
Tom (Blind/Drunk) 10 foot midget Roadkill Baby Zenner
Fritz Aurora Mike Primer Board Pat KnightIsle
Ed from Lisle Twister from Plainfield Dusty\'s Phonebook of the Dead Nastradamus
Myron in the cubicle Mr. Burns Baby McNown Horace from Hyde Park
Hawkeye Nick Yard Boss Jose From Deerfield Mr. Chainsaw
Mental Midget Mike jimtothehum D from Lisle Wild Bill
Cicero Bob napoleon dynamite Golfboy Lizard
Agent Orange Melrose Park Tim Big Nick Steve from Joiliet
Rotator Cuff Park Ridge Kenny T Bone Square Toed Frank
Ted Willaims Frozen Head in bucket Osamas Strap-on Alyssa Milanos Bathing Suit Donkey Punch
Willie Nillie Bear Fan Bob Howard from Skokie Mike from Milwaukee